Lead Scoring – Prioritize Leads by Quality

Magine you have spent a lot of energy and time over the last few years and built a huge list of sales prospects which have been added to the database.

These are prospects with whom you either had at least an initial conversation regarding your product or were just plain contacts that were built over time through collecting business cards, meeting people at events, handling inbound sales enquiries and outbound prospecting methods like email marketing or cold calling.

As days pass by, the length of this contact list keeps growing and you will end up with with a huge list of contacts in your database within a year. This number could vary between a few hundred contacts to thousands of contacts.

Say it is the end of the year now and you are short on your sales numbers. You want to dig into your database and personally call most of the prospects.

Now that you are short on time to achieve your sales quota, the last thing you want to do is to waste time by working on unqualified prospects. What if you had a solution that could rank all the prospects by the likelihood of closure and size of the opportunity.

Leadgenerator.io’s in-built lead scoring platform helps companies focus on high quality leads that have highest chance of conversion by automatically ranking leads based on customer behavior, type of company & decision maker.

Boost productivity of your sales team by prioritizing leads based on the likelihood of conversion. Save time & money by working on higher ranked leads first to improve lead to closure ratio.

Leadgenerator.io lets you upload all the contacts in your database and start ranking them on a scale of 1 to 100 in descending order so that you can sort the highest converting leads first and move on to lower quality leads.

Lead scores change real time based on recent customer behavior like email opens or clicks. If a customer opened or responded to one of your email campaigns last week, then they are rated higher than a customer who had opened your email 6 months back.

Leadgenerator.io also scores your leads based on the company size and job titles. This helps you to work on larger opportunities first before you shift your focus to smaller deals.

To understand how our lead scoring mechanism can help you prioritize your sales leads, please feel free to schedule an online demo of our product by clicking on the following link:

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