Setting up Multiple Inbound Sales Channels for your Company

Inbound enquiries received by phone, web chat, contact us forms & email helps increase sales pipeline as inbound prospects already have a business need for your product/service and have expressed direct interest in doing business with your sales team

Your website is the first point of contact for your customers and it is important to build multiple inbound sales channels that help your potential customers reach you quickly and easily.

In this Blogpost, we will cover five different ways potential customers can reach your company


Setting up an Inbound sales line where customers can call you on a 24/5 basis is one of the most effective ways to generate leads. Most customers who have an urgent need for your product or service will just pick up the phone and call you instantly.

Companies also have the option of setting up a toll free number to help boost inbound sales enquiries. Using a missed call service where prospects can give a missed call to a particular number and get a call back is also an effective way to start conversations with prospects

Live Chat

The best time to communicate with a customer is when they are active on your website. Live chat is a tremendous tool to engage prospects who are on your website browsing your products and services.

Your live chat agents can proactively engage your website visitors and answer any questions they might have to boost interest levels for your product or service.

Live chat is also less intrusive than phone as prospects might be more comfortable chatting with your sales people than picking up the phone and call you.

Most importantly live chat helps companies extract contact information of your website visitors and ensure that you never miss an inbound lead

Contact us form

Live chat and phone might not always be available on a 24/5 basis as providing this service is dependent on a live person being logged in and free to handle enquiries through live chat and phone.

An alternative option is to create a web form using many third party tools available in the market where customers can fill their contact information online and leave a message to your sales team to contact them on a specific day or a specific time.

You can have contact form buttons on multiple pages on your website to drive sales leads and encourage prospects to leave their contact information so that you can answer their queries quickly


One of the simplest ways to help customers to reach you quickly is to provide them your official sales email address (something like This helps prospects contact you via email and helps your sales team answer and qualify prospects through email communication.

You can also set up an auto responder service for your emails where customers can receive an immediate acknowledgement and a generic message about your product or service. You can also inform your customers that you would contact them on a specific date or time through the autoresponder. You can share your official email address on on multiple pages on your website to drive sales leads and encourage prospects to contact you through email

Landing Pages

If your company uses a lot of inbound marketing methodologies like blogs and content to drive sales, then building multiple landing pages might be an excellent option to capture sales leads and extract contact information of interested prospects.

Most prospects who like your content like blogs or ebooks might be interested to share their contact information online so that they could subscribe to your blogs vial email. This provides an excellent opportunity for your company to build a loyal list of active subscribers who follow your company online through social media.

Using the Contact Information effectively

Extracting contact information online is only the first step of the process. Once you have a list of prospects who are interested in knowing more about your product or service , the next challenge is to build an effective lead follow-up process that will help convert prospects into paying customers. Although there are many more sources to capture inbound leads, the 5 sources mentioned above are the most important inbound sales channels for your company.

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