Lead generation framework

Our 22 step Lead generation framework helps you get started with a ready to roll plan so that you’re not taking a stab in the dark and know what to expect from day ONE!

Define your ICP

Define target companies and contacts based on firmographics such as Industry, Revenue, Employees, Job function, Seniority, Title, etc.

Market Analysis

Evaluate TAM, SOM, SAM, and current market penetration.

Competitor Analysis

Identifying their Strengths, Weaknesses, Differentiators, Competitive advantage, geographies active, Pricing, etc.

SWOT Analysis

Use this strategic planning technique to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats of Self or Competitor.

Build Buyer Personas

Group or cluster personas based on Job Responsibilities, Goals & Objectives, Role Challenges, Purchase Triggers, and Objections for a very targeted sales outreach.

Account Tiering

We tier accounts to identify your best-fit, average-fit and modest accounts based on Revenue, Size, Industry, etc. to divide resources and energy for optimum results.

Outreach Channels

Use an integrated multichannel lead strategy to generate leads from multiple sources and increase engagement.

Funnel Metrics

Define Revenue Target, Average deal size, New Deals required target, Opportunities required, SQLs, Meetings required, Positive responses, MQLs, and Accounts & contacts required to build a predictable model for lead generation.

Team Structure

Build your own team of SDRs, Managers, CSMs, Research analysts, Marketing executives, etc.

Define Sales Play

Define and execute various sales plays like one to one, one to few, and one to many plays for email outreach campaigns.

Define Marketing Play

Define and execute marketing emails.

Sales pitch blocks

Write versions of the 6 pitch blocks: Subject line, Value propositions, CTA, probing questions, Introduction, and Social proof for sales email campaigns and analyze their performance in the app.

Identify Marketing Assets

There is no doubt that assets like Blogs, How-to-guides, ROI calculators, Webinars, etc. work and we leverage that.

Tech Stack Setup

Tools for email, CRM, video prospecting, etc.

Lead capture

Leads flow in from various touch points such as website chatbot, phone, landing pages, popups, etc. Capture these leads and define an out reach strategy.

Monthly plans

Divide the months into cohorts or simply weeks and define the objectives, strategies and tactics to achieve your goals.

Run Sales campaigns

After prepping all that’s left is to LAUNCH! Run multi-channel sales campaigns to build your pipeline.

Run Marketing campaigns

Take aid of multi-channel marketing campaigns to help enrich your prospects and build brand recall.

Growth Hacking Campaigns

We need results quick and the best way to do that is to run parallel experiments to eliminate failures and build on look-alikes for everything that works.

Reporting & Analytics

Track & Analyze performance data to make informed decisions and draw meaningful conclusions.

Root Cause Analysis

A retrospective study of the outcomes and exposures of success and failure.

Management Reviews

We run meetings with our customers on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly basis with different objectives to achieve a common goal.

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