A day in the life of an SDR

Learn about the main responsibilities of our SDRs and how they crush their sales targets day in and day out.

Is your customer a good fit?

Identify and invest in your ideal customer to reap the best benefits. Understand who to target, and more importantly who NOT to target.

Is the whole world your market?

Let’s Taco bout the basic know-how to analyzing your target audience with an illustrious example

The starter kit to sales outreach with Leadgenerator

A list of requirements that will help you hit the ground running and kickstart your marketing campaign

What makes Leadgenerator…well, Leadgenerator?

Find out how Leadgenerator’s sales outreach emails are unique. Here’s a clue – it’s like putting together a small but intricate puzzle.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Meet the Force behind your campaigns. A peek into how we delegate tasks and the Leadgen hierarchy.

How well is your campaign doing?

Data don’t lie! Understand the science behind how we quantify the performance of our campaigns.