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Well, it’s really only 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Learn about who we are, What we do and how we can help you generate leads for so that your sales people can focus on closing more deals. team structure – outsource SDRs for lead generation

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. With leadgenerator, you don’t just get SDRs, you get a research team for sourcing companies and contacts, senior leadership, SDR manager and 3 other resources. Watch the video to learn how to build a SDR team based on your requirement and what their responsibilities are.

Building Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

In this video, we will show you how to define and build your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Defining your ICP helps you understand your target companies and target contacts, effectively building a target list of best-fit companies that are most suited to buy your product or service.

How To Build Your Buyer Persona

In this video, you will learn the steps to identify and build your buyer personas with the platform. A buyer persona is one of the most important parts of a marketing strategy and is an imaginary description of individuals that represent your target audience. Simply, a person to who you want to sell your product and one who will purchase your product.

How to Identify and Tier Target Accounts For Account Based Marketing

In this video, you will learn how to tier your target companies that have been previously identified based on the ICP into Tier 1, tier 2 and Tier 3 . Tiering is the process of rating your target companies in a way where you prioritize best-fit accounts to generate revenue. The most common tiering method is the 3 tiered system used by B2B companies.

Competitor Analysis for SDR outreach

In this video, you will learn about analyzing your competitors. Competitor analysis is done by identifying the major competitors according to the product/service being sold. The point behind analyzing your competitors is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors to create a strategy that can improve upon your competitor’s model to take advantage of strategies and opportunities that they haven’t.

How to build your tech stack for SDR outreach

In this video, you will learn about the tech stack that uses. A tech stack is a set of technologies that are used by an organization. With the world rapidly turning to technology, it plays a key role in the success of your sales initiatives. Building a tech stack is a crucial part of ensuring that your sales campaigns hit the ground running.

Estimate the market size of your product

In this video, we demonstrate how to assess the total market size of your product with respect to the number of companies you can target or the total amount of potential revenue you can generate. The key concepts of measuring your market size include TAM, SAM, SOM, and market penetration. We also help you identify the key geographies, industries, competitors, and market forecasts.

Writing cold emails

Email outreach is an integral part of cold outbound prospecting. To make the art of writing emails easy and trackable, we have divided the email into 6 parts.

Learn what they are and how to add them to our app for easy performance tracking.

A framework or guide to successfully run a SDR function

Whether you decide to outsource or run your SDR function on your own, you can follow our 22 step leadgeneration framework for a step by step guide to generate high quality leads. You can also follow this framework if you are looking for ideas for a proven way to accelerate growth.

How to write personalized content based on your Buyer personas

The easiest way to scale your email outreach at the same time not spam is using a matrix to write a message that resonates with the respective perosna type. In this videos we talk about how to create the matrix and write emails.